4 thoughts on “Educating Hearts and Minds: An Interview with George Lucas

  1. Collaboration and teachers breaking a mold of industrial based american education is necessary. This must start at the college level and how profesors who teach the pedagogy of teaching teach their students. Several profesors still take part in the shut up and listen form, with little to no room for creative prblem solving or education creativity.

  2. I know a young man who wants to do research on the EQ of people who are in religious occupations. He wants to test for EQ and address the areas where EQ can help these people be more effective in pastoral care. Do you have a model that will help him in his research? Or(I know this is asking a lot) do you have any suggestions for him as he proceeds? I would love to at least point him in the right direction. He is a bright young man pastoring a small church. I know a response of this nature will be a generous gift on your part.

    Thank you.
    Margaret Wills, Ed.D.

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