Goleman’s model of emotional intelligence

Q: What is your 2000 model of leadership all about?

A: My model of leadership has evolved over several years – there is no “Goleman 2000” model, but rather an evolution of my thought. The best source my thinking on leadership is my recent book Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence. There you can read my earliest ideas, the chapter “Managing with Heart” from my 1995 book Emotional Intelligence, my 1998 and 2000 Harvard Business Review articles “What Makes a Leader” and “Leadership That Gets Results,” straight through to last year’s The Brain and Emotional Intelligence: New Insights.

As I continue to follow the emerging data from neuroscience and psychology, my understanding of the human qualities that allow outstanding leadership has changed. Now I see  that social intelligence – empathy and social skill – are essentials for effective leadership, although very often people are promoted to leadership positions because they have gotten excellent results as a sole performer. But if they lack social  intelligence they will flounder.