Leaders, followers and EI

Q: Is it possible to measure a leader’s EI from a follower’s perspective? Which is the suitable survey for a leader’s EI?

A: Getting followers’ reports on a leader is one of the best ways to guage her performance. Even if objective metrics like hitting quarterly numbers look good, how a leader hits the target matters enormously in the long run: a tyrannical boss may reach short-term objectives, but the attrition of talent and drop in morale will hurt longer term. There are, for example “kiss-up-kick-down” types who are charming to their own boss but hell to work for.  The best tool for getter followers to rate a boss is a confidential 360-degree questionnaire, one they can fill our anonymously, and with the data from everyone aggregated so no one can be identified. With that kind of honesty, you can get a more accurate picture of how a boss operates in human terms.