2 thoughts on “O Magazine interviews Daniel Goleman

  1. I think that radical transparency is definitely the way we need to go. I have been thinkin glately that a movie, akin to An Inconvenient Truth, actually following the life cycle of a few ubiquitous household products would be an eye opener to millions of Americans. Graphic presentation of resource extraction to manufacturing, packaging (and it’s life cycle)and transportation and the assoicated environmental and social problems would leave people with a picture in their head that would replay every time they purchased an item.
    I think Daniel Goleman is right on target and very timely with his new book. We (and our decisions) are the problem, NOT them!!

  2. I appreciated your Op-Chart “How Green is My Bottle?” I’ve just heard about the tremendous environmental damage done in producing nickel-based automobile batteries, from the Canadian nickel mines to the fuel-eating transportation around the world until the battery gets into a car. Would you consider doing an Op-Chart on “How Green is My Hybrid Car, Really?”

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