My Newest Book – The Brain and Emotional Intelligence: New Insights

My new digital book, The Brain and Emotional Intelligence: New Insights, fills a gap between my last books on social intelligence and on leadership, and my next book, which will not be out for a year or two.

The digital format solves a problem for me: how to make available a critical mass of new learning that does not have the full heft of a regular book. This digital book pulls together a wide range of findings into some fascinating aspects of emotional intelligence. This is not an exhaustive, technical review of scientific data – this is a work in progress that focuses on actionable findings, on new insights you can use:

  • The academic debate on whether such an entity as “emotional intelligence” that differs from personality and from IQ gets a powerful answer from brain research.
  • Where the brain’s ethical radar resides – it’s not where you think.
  • The neural dynamics of creativity tell us why putting an innovative puzzle aside can be part of the solution.
  • Why the brain circuitry for drive, persistence, and motivation holds the answer to disengagement, a workplace epidemic.
  • How to enhance the brain states underlying optimal performance.
  • The simple key to rapport, resonance, and interpersonal chemistry.
  • Brain 2.0: our brain on the web – and the neural blindspot that we ignore at our own risk.
  • Why woman are more empathic than men – and when they are not.
  • The dark side of emotion intelligence: The Bernie Madoff syndrome.
  • How to make learning in emotional intelligence last.