Web Rage: Why It Happens, What It Costs You, How to Stop

Two companies had formed a joint venture to develop a new telecommunications product. Engineers in both companies were hard at work, but the project itself was stalled. The reason? A consultant we know diagnosed the problem this way: “Engineers on each side never saw each other,” he told us, let alone coordinated their work on the project. “The two sides just e-mailed their irritations to each other. They were having a flame war.”

Flaming, of course, refers to an e-mail message that comes across as rude or otherwise annoying, and a flame war happens when the recipient of such a message flames back, leading to an arms race of insult. Flaming is but one of numerous ways a lack of social intelligence can sabotage the use of technology, especially when it comes to working with others together online. Any IT manager takes a risk that a group’s efforts will falter if he ignores the psychological dimension of social computing.
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3 thoughts on “Web Rage: Why It Happens, What It Costs You, How to Stop

  1. A classical example of violating the second greates law of love: Love others as myself! According to Napoleon Hill, It should become obvious(after the first world war, which a group of nations greatly unished and hurt germany which gave way to evil killing of 6 million people later on )

  2. cont…
    That whatever we do to others WE DO TO OURSELVES. If we disrespect others, no matter how stupid or ugly or what not are they, It shows we have little respect for ourselves as well. Another example: Whenever we continue to poison the earth( by using materials that is unhealthy to humans and also to other living things) we poison ourselves( and our present and future OFFSPRINGS). I suggest the book of DALE CARNEGIE for every people in the world( for we are all equal no matter what!)READ:” How to win Friends and Influence People). It greatly inspires to help us mature and think less of our own selfish desires by looking for other people’s welfare…. “Let us remember, it is easier and far less dangerous to change ourselves than try to condemn, criticize and complain-which makes the other person justify him or herself”. Here is a link for free copy of the book: http://www.targetitmarketing.com/ebooks/pdfs/how-to-win-friends.pdf

  3. I didn’t realize that a word was given to this form of communication; flaming. I used to do it all the time, all the time risking a friendship or business relationship. Now I steer towards bland, away from sarcasm or wit, it’s not worth it!

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