Specs for Microsoft’s Next CEO

There are three kinds of focus every leader needs: 1) an inner focus for self-awareness and self-management; 2) a focus on others for empathy, clear communication and interpersonal effectiveness; 3) and a systems focus, reading the outer world in order to come up with an effective strategy. At Microsoft a failure in a wider focus seems to have had negative consequences:… Read more »

What I Learned While Writing Focus

I have been tracking the field of attention for about 30 years. My dissertation as a graduate student was actually on meditation, and meditation as a way of managing stress reactivity. A lot of us who were interested in it were trying to shoehorn it in, but the faculty wasn’t interested. They thought it was a crazy… Read more »

Leaders Need Three Kinds of Focus

Daniel Goleman, author of “The Focused Leader,” explains why leaders need to cultivate a triad of awareness — an inward focus, a focus on others, and an outward focus. Watch the video at HBR.org


Daniel Goleman: Starting a New Career? Consider Good Work

One reason Ebola has broken out so dangerously in countries like Sierra Leone traces to local customs that inadvertently spread the disease. One of these is the burial tradition where relatives kiss the deceased as a sign of respect. But then a native health worker explained to locals why that was now a bad idea,… Read more »

Daniel Goleman: What are the Habits of a Systems Thinker?

Innate systems intelligence is present from our very early years. If nurtured, it can develop to surprising scope and depth in older students. But the key to this progression is offering developmentally appropriate tools that enable students to articulate and hone their systems intelligence – whether through simple visual tools like a reinforcing feedback loop… Read more »

Daniel Goleman: How to Hear Your Inner Voice

After being diagnosed with the liver cancer that was to take his life a few years later, Steve Jobs gave a heartfelt talk to a graduating class at Stanford University. His advice: “Don’t let the voice of others’ opinions drown out your inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and… Read more »


Daniel Goleman on The Colbert Report


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